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Acute autoimmune hepatitis presenting with peripheral blood eosinophilia

Shoket Chowdry, Erin Rubin, David A. Sass


Peripheral blood eosinophilia has been described in a broad variety of allergic, infectious, neoplastic and autoimmune diseases. To the best of our knowledge blood eosinophilia has never previously been reported in association with isolated autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) in the absence of other autoimmune conditions. Herein we report an interesting case of an 18 year old man who presented to our hospital with an acute autoimmune hepatitis diagnosed on the basis of clinical features, serology and histopathology. He was noted to have a moderate peripheral eosinophilia at diagnosis which resolved within days of initiation of corticosteroids for treatment of the AIH. Given the absence of other systemic conditions or drugs which may have produced the eosinophilia and its rapid resolution with treatment of the underlying liver disease, we wished to highlight this rather novel presentation of AIH.

Key words. Autoimmune hepatitis, Jaundice, Eosinophilia

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